25 Sep


That’s the sound of 2018 whizzing by…

I am actually embarrassed about how long it’s been since I wrote a post, so am doing a ‘quick and dirty’ one just to make it clear that I am still alive and working!

I’ve had a very full-on 12 months, due to relocating 200 miles from the south of England (Hertfordshire) back to the north (Lancashire). That decision was made after a few reconnaissance, and then house-hunting, trips, and before, during and after the move (towards the end of April) I was very busy with work, so it’s all been a bit hectic.

Despite being born and bred on the right side of the Pennines, I love Lancashire and the friendly folk, and though I haven’t had time to do much exploring, I’m settling in OK and enjoying the odd butter pie (a new experience for me). Ironically, the relocation meant I had to miss the SfEP conference this year, despite the fact that it was held just up the road in Lancaster – a lovely city, and one I nearly moved to. But, I hope to make it to Aston next year.

The weather though… the wind and rain here is something else. But, I do now have a nice little first-floor study, rather than having to work in the frozen (or broiling) garret at my old house, plus I’m on a very quiet street.

So, I’m hoping for a tranquil end to 2018, and a rather more peaceful 2019…