28 May

Fonts, fonts and more fonts


I love this! Link here, where you can magnify it. The only trouble is, I love so many fonts – and now I’m disappointed because I like the look of ATC Elm Normal, but can’t find a downloadable version… 🙁

My favourite font seems to shift about once a year, and at the moment it’s probably Cambria. Because I’m a little OCD about italicising things like book, journal and TV programme titles, as well as quotes, I do generally lean towards serif fonts, e.g. Georgia, Garamond and trusty old Times New Roman.

But I do also like a nice, clean sans serif option too, particularly Trebuchet (and yes, I do spent a lot of time on the Internet!) and Tahoma. If I’m not going to be using italics, I will probably opt for one of them.

What I’d really like is a good script font. Some look nice but are too faint or twee. I’ve just downloaded Windsong Regular, which isn’t bad, and Rage Italic is OK, but I’m still looking for one that’s just right…