07 Apr

How to find – and pay! – me

Thanks to a bit of time to do some admin, I¬†now have profiles on BookMachine, Reedsy and YunoJuno. As the former’s name suggests, it is dedicated to the subject of book publishing and is an informal community that allows potential clients to browse your profile; however, there is also a lot of general discussion and they organise events.

Reedsy is also dedicated to books, but is a more formal ‘marriage bureau’ for authors/publishers and those who can provide a service they need – in my own case that’s obviously proofreading and copy/line editing. Reedsy manages any contracts,¬†charging a 10% commission of the agreed project price for doing so.

Linked to my Reedsy profile is my new Stripe account, which is another way of accepting payments (my ID is Beaumont Pro); you can also pay me via PayPal, using the link on the home page (I may set up a separate page for payments at some point).

YunoJuno is a more general site for finding freelancers, but again arranges the payments and takes a commission. Some companies are moving over to this platform for managing all their freelancers. YunoJuno charges employers a commission of 9%, but guarantees that freelancers are paid within 14 days, which is most welcome!

Of course, you are always welcome to contact me directly through the form on this site, email, phone, LinkedIn etc. etc.