22 Feb

Hello ‘office’

It only took me 7.5 years to get round to it, but I’ve spent the last week sorting, shredding and shifting and have now reclaimed a quarter of my loft room as an office. It was prompted partly by the arrival of my new funky, if chunky, printer/copier/scanner, which I didn’t want to set up on my dining table, as I knew it would end up staying there.

Bit nervewracking setting new hardware up solo, but I’ve sort of done it, though I haven’t quite cracked how to make it go wireless. Will try again when I have a bit more time and also test the copier and scanner functions. But as a printer, it seems great: http://www.canon.co.uk/Printers/Inkjet/MAXIFY/MAXIFY_MB5050/

Just need to get the decorating and recarpeting of the house finished (mid-March) and then it’s all systems go for Beaumont Pro!