Welcome to the website of Beaumont Pro Editorial Services, here to help if you need to outsource any editing functions, be it for traditional print outlets or online platforms.

I’m happy to do both long-term, ongoing projects, and smaller ad hoc jobs, including on an ’emergency’ basis. I will edit and proofread any sort of text, including:

  • marketing materials
  • annual reports
  • business plans
  • theses
  • conference posters
  • PowerPoint presentations/slide decks
  • blogs
  • magazines and newsletters
  • books (fiction and non-fiction)
  • website and app content
  • CVs, application forms and personal statements

I can do simple proofreading/line-editing of any type of English text or more thorough copy-editing – whichever suits your needs best. I’m experienced in editing material written by non-native speakers and making it read as if it was written by someone with English as a first language.

If your team is lacking its own writing resource, just give me your raw material and a brief, and I will create an initial draft that you can either adapt in house, or work with me further to produce the finished article. Biomedical writing/editing is one of my specialities.

If you’re looking to establish or expand your online presence, I can create simple websites using WordPress, perform user acceptance testing (UAT) on one you’ve already created, or help you update it, maintain a blog, look after your social media presence etc.

I can work over weekends, late at night, and during school holidays etc. so have a lot of flexibility that allows me to fit in with your needs. Moreover, rates can be negotiated on an hourly, daily or per project basis.

Selena Class

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